The Douglas Coleman Show

The Douglas Coleman show is a syndicated talk and music show that features fascinating and sometimes famous guests from all walks of life. From the entertainment industry including musicians, actors, film makers and authors to political and social commentators. We cover it all. The topics can range from light and fluffy to sober and serious. The Douglas Coleman show, sometimes chat, sometimes music, always entertaining.

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Previous guests of The Douglas Coleman Show

Kathryn Leigh Scott
Sam Harris
John Byner
Diane Franklin
Stuart Epps
David Baldacci
Griffin Tucker
Bruce Blackman
Livingston Taylor by Mim Adkins 2017
Andrew Bockelman
Mat Best
Julia Kato
Erik Aude
Jeff Allen
Stagger Lee Cole
John Edward
Todd Newton
Jim Cummings
Jennifer Zeng
Jackiem Joyner
Mario Bosco
Sig Hansen
Michael Alig
Olivia Rox
Jim Piddock
Seth David Radwell
Stu Shostak
Danny Wu

5 thoughts on “The Douglas Coleman Show

  1. Michael Modzelewski says:

    The Douglas Coleman Show rocks & rules! One of the best Interviews I’ve ever done, for Douglas goes deep, far and wide with his questions and comments. Thank you, Douglas. It was an honor to be on your show!

  2. Jane yates says:

    The Douglas Coleman show, is were its all happening!!
    He has his finger on the pulse of life!!
    Cindy also has the Lady Lake corner which is jolly and interesting.
    this show rocks 5 stars *****

  3. Dave Davis says:

    Douglas has a great and unique talk show. His guests are very engaging. So far there have been a wide range of topics and very stimulating conversations. The hour goes by way too fast and I think it needs to be at least a two hour show, if not three. Check out the podcasts of past shows and you’ll see what I mean, but it’s so much fun to hang out in the chatroom live and see what people are milling on about in the background with all the behind the scenes chatter. Stop by, give it a whirl….you won’t be disappointed.

  4. Jen Andujar says:

    I can’t say enough about The Douglas Coleman Show! The show ranges from serious music talk to goofy and fun which is a great mix. Each guest brings something different to the discussion and Douglas and John do a fabulous job hosting! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  5. Cindy D'Adamo says:

    The show today with Matt Kacar of Artist Connection Podcast was excellent!!
    I loved the Desert Island Discs.
    A good mix of serious music talk and fun.
    I also enjoyed the discussion about radio and labels.
    Really stimulating!!

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