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The Silvers are: Mick, Drew, Tom and Glenn. In three years they have released three 14 song LPs and three 6-8 song EPs. Additionally, they released five Christmas original songs and a series animated videos on YouTube. To join the fun just search “Silvers Surf City”.


Electronic project LastEDEN founded by Kirill Kotlobay in 2003, although the music as sound producer he began to write early, performing as keyboardist in the composition of the electropop group “Electronics”. There have never been any other participants in the LastEDEN project. Initially, LastEDEN’s music consisted only of lyrical and slow Chillout and ambient tracks, hence the name of the project “last paradise (last eden)”, talking about something calm and serene. But years Kirill Kotlobay realized that he was constricted by any one style and project LastEDEN actually became a multi-format. In the composition there have already been numerous releases of the project is not only chill out music, trip hop, dance tracks, pop music and even rock, although in each of the tracks you can find a mix of several genres and directions. To date, the project LastEDEN 10 full albums and many singles and releases with other musicians and vocalists.


Q: Where are you from?
A: I’m from Russia, Moscow city;
Q: Who were some of your early musical influences?
A: The strongest musical influence on me was made by Depeche Mode, it is also possible to distinguish such performers as Enigma, Moby, A-Ha, George Michael, Mylene Farmer and some others.
Q: What inspires you to create music?
A: Many different factors affect my inspiration, it’s movies, music, design, travel and just good or sad weather on the street.
Q: Do you play live or are you strictly a studio musician?
A: Although in recent times I has become more performing in various clubs as a DJ.
Q: What are you currently working on?
A: Now I’m doing a Remix for my friend and a good musician from Canada – Jean-Francois Laprise. I plan to record a brand new album this year 2019. I have previously released 10 albums and many singles.


After many years of playing the drums for various bands and musicians in and around Los Angeles, Adam decided it was time to learn how to play more than 3 chords on the guitar and see if he could write on his own. After completing a few songs, he enlisted some of his friends to help bring 4 of them to life. His first song Smile is not only his first release, but also the first song he actually fully completed as a songwriter.


Acme Giants formed when guitarist, Matt Rhoden enlisted producers Bart Schouldel and Ron Haney–the Churchills, known best then for their appearance on Spin City and their theme song to the MTV show, Juvies–to finish and record several Alt-Rock songs he’d written while playing with various New York rock groups.